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All of our products are made with love and having amazing benefits. For a full list of benefits click to learn more. 


Ecommerce Product Coconut Water Instagra
Ecommerce Product Coconut Water Instagra
Ecommerce Product Coconut Water Instagra
Ecommerce Product Coconut Water Instagra
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Shantell B.

I love how fluffy the body butters are and they melt right into my skin. I put some on before work and even after my long shifts I can still smell them on me and my skin is still moisturized. My skin usually gets real dry in the winter but not since using your products. 

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Tameka O.

I always get the body butters but this time I got some hair butter my sons hair because no matter what I use it stays dry. It worked so good in his hair that I started using it in mine.  It made my hair so soft and shiny. I will definitely be adding that to my orders from now on. 

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Michelle R.

Shipping was fast. The body butter smells bomb and a little goes a long way. I have sensitive skin and it doesn't break me out. The soap scrub made my skin feel baby soft. I will most definitely be purchasing again as soon as I run out. 

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After years of trying and failing to find something that kept my dry skin moisturized I decided to take a chance and create my own. After plenty of research, trial and error I founded Balm'd Out Butters. Our whipped body butters are our best sellers and we offer many fragrances. Over the years I've gotten more into self care and I strongly believe when your skin looks good and when you smell good you'll feel good. Over the years we've introduced several new products and plan to release more in the future. We hope you love our products as much as I do.  

- Raquel


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