Our Herbal Hair Butter is an all natural blend of butters and oils combined as one to act as a protective yet moisturizing barrier to your hair. It helps against dryness and breakage especially for those with fragile ends. Our hair butter can be used on wet, dry, natural or relaxed hair and is great for protective styles such as a twist out, braid outs and more.  

Do's & Don'ts 


  • Use hair butter AFTER you have applied your leave in conditioner as the hair butter will help lock in that moisture for longer. 
  • Use as often as needed, but don’t use too much
  • If you suffer from dry, itchy scalp apply directly to your scalp
  • Use if you are protective styling as it helps to create a smooth, defined look
  • Apply to your ends if you are suffering from breakage and/or split ends



  • Don’t mix hair butter with other heavy products as it can cause product buildup
  • Don't contaminate your jar with water or other liquids as this can shorten the shelf life of your hair butter. 
  • Don't store your hair butter in humid rooms or in direct sunlight as this will cause your hair butter to melt. 
  • Don't use hair butter if you are planning on straightening your hair. This can cause your hair to be weighed down. 

Winter is approaching and not only will your skin feel the effects of the cold and dry winter weather but so will your hair. So pick yourself up one of our herbal hair butters and add it into your hair regimen.

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