We make our products in small batches. Why is this important? Products made in small batches are much better for your skin.  Our products are always fresh, good for your skin and require little to no unnecessary chemicals and preservatives. Although they may be more expensive small batch, handmade products are better for your health and completely safe. 

Store bought lotions and creams although may be cheaper often spend months sometimes years on shelves and companies have to use additional preservatives to make their products last longer. These preservatives are often unnatural, can be detrimental to your body and skin. 

whipped body

butter benefits

Our whipped body butters are our best sellers. They moisturize even the driest skin and provides long lasting moisture. Plus we offer a range of fragrances and they will leave you smelling good all day. 

bath butter/foaming sugar scrub benefits

Our bath butter is gentle, creamy and suds up nicely to help you wash away dirt and grime. Our foaming sugar scrubs have all the benefits of our bath butter with the added benefits of exfoliation. Exfoliation is important to get rid of dry, rough skin and brighten the appearance of your skin. 



The ingredients in our deodorant are natural, help fight odors and are suitable for those with sensitive skin. 

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