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Are you interested in making extra income or are you starting a business of your own? We now offer our whipped body butters wholesale. Leave all the mess, hard work and fuss to us. We will whip up your desired fragrance, package the butters in our durable 2 oz jars and ship them to you flat rate. Our labels will not be included instead we will include a sticker on the bottom of each jar to let you know the fragrance. 


We offer sets of 20 and 40. You can pick up to to 2 fragrances if you order 20 and 4 fragrances if you order 40.  To find a full list of our fragrances and descriptions you can go to our About tab and you will see a full list of fragrances and also find fragrance descriptions. If you would like to try our products before purchusing wholesale we recommend you purse our 2 oz sampler bundle or our dollar samples. 


Why wholesale with us? We have a wide range of fragrances and our whipped body butter is our #1 selling item. Our whipped body butters aren't water based and do not required preservatives so they have a longer shelf life of 5 months to a year. If you have any questions you can always emails us. We can narrow down options in terms of what fragrances you are looking for.


The MSRP of each jar is typically $6 - 10 dollars but we've seen many products similar to ours sell for more than that, it's all up to you. The containers we use are the clear PET 2 oz jars with a smooth black lid. You can add on shimmer and color below. If you don't want neither you can just choose none. If you choose shimmer we will dust the jars before filling unless you let us know otherwise.