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Lip Care Bundle

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Our lip  kit includes an 2 oz lip scrub, jumbo lip balm, regular sized lip balm, a lip butter and 3 melanin inspired stickers. 

  • Our lip scrubs come in 2 oz jars and is made of a combination of sugar, shea butter and oils will remove dead skins cells, leaving your lips soft and smooth.
  • Our lip Butter is made with Lanolin, Shea Butter and lip loving oils for a thicker, more moisturizing alternative to your average lip gloss. They give your lips soft and shiny, perfect for those with dry lips.  Each Lip Butter is made with cosmetic grade glitters and flavoring oils. Cake Batter smells just like Cake Batter and is made with Bronze/Copper glitter. Tropical smells like a mix of tropical fruit and is made with pink/red holographic glitter. Bubble Yum smells just like bubble gum and is made with silver holographic glitter. Go Bananas smells like ripe bananas and is made with golden glitter. 
  • Our lip balms are handmade and we make 13 flavors. Sweetened Flavors: Bubble Gum, Tutti Fruity, Vanilla, Cherry Bomb, Lemonade, Orange Cream, Berry. Unsweetend Flavors include Grape, Chocolate Fudge, Mint Chocolate, Original, Banana Creme, Peppermint