The first ingredient in all of our whipped body butters is shea butter then comes coconut oil and fragrance. Shea butter along with coconut oil have many nourishing skin qualities and are safe for all skin types but everyone is different. Scoop out the amount you desire, less is more and rub it between your palms until it starts to melt then apply it to your body like you would any other lotion or moisturizer. Using our whipped body butter after you shower will seal in the moisture while your skin is still damp paying close attention to dry areas of the skin such as your elbows and knees. 


  • Light, rich and creamy we make our whipped body butter with love. Full of vitamins such as A, E, D & F our body butter will have your skin soft and moisturized all day and requires your skin with an extra layer of protection against the elements, whether its summer or winter.  With daily use you will certainly notice a positive change in your skin overtime. Product is measured by volume not by weight.

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